How to Keep a Well-Maintained Commercial Kitchen

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about commercial kitchens is cleanliness. To keep your commercial kitchen clean, that means keeping the entire kitchen in good working order through routine maintenance.

Confined Spaces Relevant to Kitchen Exhaust and HVAC Systems

From grease fires to carbon monoxide poisoning, and more, commercial kitchen management has a lot to consider when it comes to safety. Confined spaces are part of kitchen management for any business with a commercial kitchen.

Access Panels are Significant to Keeping Exhaust Ductwork Clean

Restaurants across the country are beginning to open their doors for pickup and delivery. Some are even opening their doors for a limited number of sit-in service. It's great news to hear.

While much of the country has been in a shutdown, restaurant managers and owners have been working hard to be ready to open up their doors. Cleaning has been a vital part of running a successful restaurant before the COVID crisis. Now, more than ever, proper cleaning will be under the scrutiny of everyone that walks through your doors. Like before, it's even more imperative that your kitchen is in the best possible condition, and that means adhering to strict cleaning schedules and passing inspections.

IKECA: The Resource for Restaurant Owners

Without definite dates, there is now a plan in place for the State of Illinois to reopen. It could take some time for Phase IV, the phase that is inclusive for restaurants to reopen. While restaurants are empty, kitchens are closed, or slow, this is the perfect time to be getting as much accomplished as can be done. An invaluable resource for restaurant owners is the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA).

What Is The NFPA And How Does It Affect You In A Commercial Kitchen?

When you work in a commercial kitchen, there is always a risk for fire. It's important to limit this risk as much as you can, and that's where the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) comes in.

Keeping Exhaust Hood Baffles Clean: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly?

At Pronto MS, our goal is to be your all-in-one provider for industrial and commercial businesses needing expert janitorial, HVAC-R, kitchen exhaust cleaning and repair, and telecommunications. With the current COVID-19 crisis, cleaning is an essential part of every business, whether open for business or preparing for the time to reopen.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning: How to Plan On a Budget

Running a commercial kitchen is a demanding task; as a manager, you have to please and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers, cooks, and the general public at large.

In all jurisdictions, having a kitchen hood system is a legal requirement for a wide range of commercial kitchens. This includes restaurants, cafes, schools, and even hospitals. But regulatory compliance alone is not enough to safeguard your clients and business.

Fire Prevention Strategies for Your Commercial Kitchen's Safety

Contained fire is behind each kitchen's success. An uncontrolled fire can be behind its demise. The safety of a commercial kitchen starts with working out fire prevention strategies.

From the proper choice of equipment and timely maintenance to thorough inspections and staff training, kitchen managers must work out an efficient prevention scheme while keeping the law in mind.

Air Quality and Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

While it is easy to get enticed by the delicious aromas coming out from the kitchens of your favorite restaurants, there is one thing that often goes unnoticed. That is the quality of the air in commercial kitchens.

Passing Inspections Require a Clean and Safe Kitchen Exhaust System

The success of a restaurant depends upon kitchen management. Part of managing a commercial kitchen is keeping it ready for health and safety inspections. According to Food Safety Magazine, there are four areas where commercial kitchen management can prepare and be ready for inspections.