The Importance of Fire Suppression Systems in Commercial Kitchens

While fire prevention measures are vital for the proper functioning of a commercial kitchen, fire suppression systems are an integral part of their safety.

Anything from human error to faulty equipment could start a fire at the most unexpected moment. That's why fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens deserve special attention.

How to Prevent Commercial Kitchen Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, commercial kitchen fires cause a lot of damage. On average, fire departments respond to 7,000 fires in eating and drinking establishments. Over half of these fires start in the kitchen and are caused by cooking equipment. These fires cause massive property damage each year, averaging over $200 million a year.

All You Need to Know About Exhaust Baffles

A commercial kitchen is a busy place with many maintenance nuances. It's often tough to keep track of all components that need your attention. A silent but extremely important knight in shining armor that defends kitchen personnel's well-being and workplace environment is the exhaust system.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, the Secret Ingredient for Success

When you have a busy kitchen on your hands, you know all too well the importance of passing your regular fire code inspections. Make the inspector happy and you'll enjoy a booming business and happy customers. Fail the inspection and find yourself in a scramble to catch your facility up to code before it's too late.