Air Quality and Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

While it is easy to get enticed by the delicious aromas coming out from the kitchens of your favorite restaurants, there is one thing that often goes unnoticed. That is the quality of the air in commercial kitchens.

If you own a restaurant or a cafe, or any other type of property that houses and runs a commercial kitchen, then the quality of air in that kitchen is something that you need to monitor. Studies have proven that commercial cooking is a significant source of air pollutants. It especially affects the people operating within its precincts.

However, the good news is that this issue can be easily handled by the installation of a good quality kitchen exhaust system. In this article, we discuss in detail the hazards of bad air quality in a commercial kitchen and the importance of a clean kitchen exhaust system and how it can provide top-notch air quality. Read on to learn more.

Why Air Quality is Important?

The mouth-watering aroma of foods like grilled hamburger or fried bacon comes at a cost. The cooking process releases fat aerosols into the atmosphere, which in turn deteriorates the air quality of the surrounding area. When people work in such a kitchen for extended periods, they can develop certain respiratory health issues.

Apart from these pollutants, other contaminants like smoke, fume, and moisture from other cooking processes and appliances like the dishwasher are also produced in the kitchens. Additionally, commercial kitchens also tend to quite hot for comfort. Combined, all of these have a serious impact on the atmosphere within the kitchen.

Hence, strict quality control measures must be put in place to maintain a healthy working environment. This is where commercial kitchen exhaust systems come into the picture.

Why Install a Kitchen Exhaust System?

A kitchen exhaust system filters out the polluted air within the kitchen. The typical design consists of a stainless steel hood that sucks off the contaminated air and then passes it to the duct of the exhaust system. There are filters installed in the duct which removes the harmful pollutants from the air before this air can be released outside.

This entire system is designed to deal with the poor air that is generated during the cooking process and filter out all the harmful substances. It, therefore, is crucial in maintaining a healthy working environment for your employees. Moreover, in the absence of a proper kitchen exhaust system, the quality of the food cooked in the kitchen might also get hampered, especially due to the presence of lingering smells, which otherwise gets removed by the exhaust.

Various Aspects of the Exhaust System

There are two basic types of exhaust hoods- Type I is for dealing with air contaminated with pollutants and Type II is for handling the humid air that is generated in spaces around the commercial dishwasher. Both are important when it comes to the matter of maintaining air quality.

There are a few points that must be remembered when opting for the installation of a kitchen exhaust system. These are as follows-

  • The type and size of the system to be installed depend on the kitchen size and layout. There is no one-size-fits-all; rather it varies from facility to facility.
  • Commercial kitchens usually function at full capacity during specific hours of the day and are idle during the off hours. The exhaust system must be personalized in such a way that it can perform effectively during peak times. During the idle period, it can be put on a minimum working level.
  • The kind of food being cooked in the kitchen is also a major determining factor in the type of equipment to be installed.
  • Because they are very heavy duty, commercial kitchen exhaust systems are on the pricier side. However, it is an excellent investment with great returns in the future. You will have your ROI in no time and your employees will have a safe space to work at.

To Sum Up

The commercial kitchen exhaust system is highly regulated and must comply with all the codes regarding sanitation, fire hazard control, insurance management and of course air quality measures. It is thus always prudent to take the help of established professionals when it comes to the installation of your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

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