Grease Build-Up Areas That You May Not Think Of

One pesky consequence of popular fried dishes is the resultant build-up of grease residues. The day-to-day kitchen activities end up harboring each meal's remains on the surfaces and appliances. Even with a daily wipe-down schedule, it would still be hard to keep up with the grease build-up without the right strategies or specialists in place.

So, what areas in the kitchen are more prone to these stubborn stains? What risks do they pose? And why should you let us handle the regular maintenance for you?

Kitchen Sections That Are Prone to Grease Build-Up

Below are some areas that are more likely to harbor stubborn grease residues:

Different Areas Outside the Hood

It's lovely to have a hood right above your cooker or stove. But cooking oil from different fried orders can leave behind significant residues that can accumulate with time. As such, you need a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning to remove the stubborn deposits. This is not limited to the hood alone, but also other areas such as the fan, vent, and ducts.

The Roof and Drop Ceiling

The typical kitchen-cleaning routine mostly revolves around the walls, counters, and appliances. However, the drop ceiling surfaces and the roof right above are also prone to greasy mess; hence, they need to be addressed as well. Regular cleaning helps eliminate stains promptly, hence no need for heavy scrubbing.

Greasy Floors

When frying chicken and other delicacies, oil droplets could fall, leaving the floor messy and prone to sliding. Besides the high injury risk, a dirty kitchen floor would attract negative reviews in terms of sanitation and safety. The main problems encountered in almost every commercial kitchen are slipping and falling, currently at 85 percent. But they are easily avoidable by keeping the floor clean and free from the slippery oils.

Messy Wallpapers

Among the surfaces that are most prone to grease stains are kitchen walls and wallpapers. Stubborn greases are not attractive to the eye and would make your unique kitchen colors and decorations fade. But there's some good news: The primary component for most wallpaper varieties is vinyl, a form of washable plastic. You can also clean the kitchen walls without removing the paint.


This is also another area that gets grease-splattered frequently. All the frying occurs here, and huge stains and build-up are likely to form with regular use. At the same time, conventional stovetops have a set of challenges that make the cleaning process notoriously hard. But it would be best if you did it regularly for sanitation reasons and to ensure equipment longevity.

Dangers of Greasy Kitchen Surfaces

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't let grease build up in your commercial kitchen:

  • A higher injury risk – If you don't clean your kitchen floor regularly, the grease splatters will accumulate. As a result, the risk of staff sliding and falling will increase. This is against the restaurant safety regulations that require the work environment to be safe for employees and without any hazardous risk.
  • Higher risk of fire – You definitely understand how flammable these greases can be. Failure to take the right precautions has adverse possibilities, such as damage to the premise, financial losses, and tragedies. Regularly cleaning the kitchen prevents all these.
  • Plumbing problems – When still hot, the greases are usually in a liquid state. But once they reach the exhaust system, they cool down and harden. If all this waste enters the drain, it may end up clogging the system, the last thing you wish to experience.
  • Rodent infestation – Continuous build-up of grease in your kitchen surface can attract vermin, leading to sanitation problems. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, you will avoid risks like a bad reputation and business loss.
  • Environmental problem – You must clean your grease containment system regularly to avoid a range of ecological issues. When all this grease flows to the storm drain, it may end up in water bodies, adversely impacting the ecosystem.

You can avoid all these if you reach out to reliable experts.

Let Professionals Do the Work for You

You can delegate staff to get rid of the grease trap regularly, but the entire process is no mean feat. As simple as it might seem, keeping all surfaces free from the harmful residues can be both chaotic and hazardous. The best thing with contracting a specialized commercial cleaner like us is that we have all the resources and talent to leave your kitchen clean as new.

Timely maintenance will no longer be an issue, and we'll ensure your regular business functions are uninterrupted. We have state-of-the-art equipment for excellent vacuuming and cleaning and to ensure proper disposal of all waste. Our outstanding services are based on eco-friendly practices and are affordable as well.

We are a leading janitorial, equipment installation, and maintenance service provider within Illinois. We have all the resources to ensure your kitchen remains hygienic and safe for your staff. For further details, feel free to contact us today.