IKECA: The Resource for Restaurant Owners

Without definite dates, there is now a plan in place for the State of Illinois to reopen. It could take some time for Phase IV, the phase that is inclusive for restaurants to reopen. While restaurants are empty, kitchens are closed, or slow, this is the perfect time to be getting as much accomplished as can be done. An invaluable resource for restaurant owners is the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA).

What is the IKECA?

Almost 30 years ago, the foundation of IKECA evolved. A meeting of kitchen exhaust cleaning specialists brought together a group of individuals who shared common goals of properly addressing exhaust cleaning for fire prevention.

After almost 20 years of dedication in working towards a level of quality, IKECA became an integral partner with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). By joining ANSI, IKECA assists in developing "definitive standards for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust systems." As ANSI approves IKECA developed standards, additional ANSI organizations have the choice to integrate these standards into their requirements.

IKECA Certification Programs

IKECA Certifications not only help exhaust professionals with the proper education to be a technician, a lead technician, or an inspector, completing these courses are beneficial in proving your professional commitment and dedication. Above all, restaurant owners want exhaust cleaning specialists who have the education and skills that the industry standards and codes require.

IKECA Certifications Provide the Vital Education

Hiring an exhaust cleaning company is not all about the cleaning and the standards, IKECA certified specialists have the continuing education, that keeps them abreast on industry requirements, the best procedures and techniques, problems to note, and other information for exceptional service.

The Importance of IKECA

When it comes to avoiding the perils of commercial kitchen fires, IKECA focuses on "the importance of proper cleaning." Along with the CEU Courses, IKECA offers a "Resource Library," and "Journal Archives."

IKECA Members Work with Organizations that Promote Safety

IKECA membership brings exhaust cleaning specialists together with other professionals, who want to contribute to the success of commercial kitchens. IKECA members work hand-in-hand with "restaurant managers, facility management, insurance, and risk management professionals, and authorities having jurisdiction" to promote fire prevention, safe practices, and well-maintained commercial kitchens.

The IKECA/ANSI Standards Vital to Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Safety

An excellent recap of IKECA is on ANSI, and the standards the IKECA and ANSI partnership developed for the fire prevention of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Without proper cleaning, "commercial exhaust systems gradually become contaminated with grease and cooking byproducts. These combustible contaminants, when accumulated, create a first safety hazard to workers and patrons, as well as any other building occupants and property."

  • "ANSI/IKECA C10-2016: Standard for the Methodology for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems"
    • Dependent upon: "NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations"
  • "ANSI/IKECA I10-2015: Standard for the Methodology for Inspection of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems"

IKECA Provides a "COVID-19 Resources Guide"

So many businesses are suffering from COVID-19, especially eating establishments. IKECA provides a lot of valuable links in their "COVID-19 Resources Guide" to help businesses maneuver through this crisis.

Additional COVID-19 Information for Restaurant Owners and Managers

As so many businesses are ready to reopen, hopefully, restaurants will be able to open their doors for their patrons to return. Taking the time to prepare will be crucial to gaining the public's confidence. The National Restaurant Association has put together a "COVID-19 Reopening Guidance," and they also have a dedicated "Coronavirus Information and Resources."

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