Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning: How to Plan On a Budget

Running a commercial kitchen is a demanding task; as a manager, you have to please and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers, cooks, and the general public at large.

In all jurisdictions, having a kitchen hood system is a legal requirement for a wide range of commercial kitchens. This includes restaurants, cafes, schools, and even hospitals. But regulatory compliance alone is not enough to safeguard your clients and business.

How Do Kitchen Hood Systems Work

Kitchen hood systems come in various shapes and designs. However, they generally comprise a system that exhausts air contaminated with moisture, fumes, and smoke from the kitchen area.

Having a kitchen exhaust system comes with several advantages, if well maintained and serviced. However, the neglected kitchen exhaust system poses health risks and hazards on their own. This has brought the need for regular kitchen exhaust cleaning.

How Much Does Exhaust Cleaning Cost

The cost of exhaust Cleaning varies from firm to firm. It is hence necessary to find a solution at a price that is affordable to you, and which does not compromise on quality. Generally, Exhaust Cleaning will set you back about $135-180 per hour.

How to Budget For Preventative Maintenance

Due to poor planning, many commercial kitchen owners find themselves lagging on their maintenance and incurring several unnecessary fines and costs. To have the best-maintained kitchen in the block, you have to budget and plan way ahead of time using the following tips:

1. Find a Reliable Exhaust Cleaning Company

The first step of budgeting is finding a reliable service provider. It is difficult to budget if you are continually moving between companies. Before you budget, find a company, understand their terms and develop consistency.

2. Set a Date

The end of a budget process is just as important as the beginning. Decide on a date on which to do your maintenance and stick to it every month or year. With a time frame in mind, budgeting becomes easier.

3. Determine the Services Required

As you budget, write down the maintenance that you are willing to have your kitchen undergo. It is always cheaper to write one budget and have services done at once, rather than having several budgets and services done at different times.

4. Explore Your Finance Options

As you budget, identify and write down your potential sources of income. This can come from your savings, income, revenues or even credit cards. Use this opportunity to set revenue and savings targets.

The Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Regular kitchen exhaust cleaning is a common mark in the calendar of any commercial kitchen owner. Be it a restaurant or café, the kitchen exhaust have to be cleaned by an expert exhaust cleaner every once in a while. Some of the advantages are:

1. Fire Safety

Statistics show that one of the leading causes of kitchen fires is grease. During exhaustion, grease-laden fumes coagulate in the exhaust ducts. This forms a flammable layer that can easily ignite when exposed to heat. The simple act of cleaning the greased air ducts can help potentially save lives and prevent your business from literally burning to the ground.

2. Improved Air Flow

Grease buildup in your ducts and fans slows the exhaust system down and significantly compromises airflow. After rewarding your kitchen exhaust system with a good cleaning, it works better, faster, and more efficiently. This improves airflow and ventilation in your kitchen area.

3. Reduces Bills

Running a neglected kitchen exhaust system is costing your business big time. Having a significant chunk of your workforce calling in sick also costs your business. Systems clogged with grease put more strain on the electric fans, making them work harder and consume more electricity. Believe it or not, it shows in the bills.

4. Better Air Quality

Going for years without cleaning your kitchen exhaust system significantly compromises air quality. The fumes produced and smoke can make your kitchen and restaurant stuffy. Subsequently, when fumes and grease left for prolonged periods, they may lead to respiratory damage to your workers.

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