Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, the Secret Ingredient for Success

When you have a busy kitchen on your hands, you know all too well the importance of passing your regular fire code inspections. Make the inspector happy and you'll enjoy a booming business and happy customers. Fail the inspection and find yourself in a scramble to catch your facility up to code before it's too late.

Your kitchen exhaust system is a crucial component to passing your inspections, and it's more important than you might think. The status of your kitchen exhaust equipment has repercussions throughout the operation of your business. Here's what you stand to gain when you schedule regular kitchen exhaust cleanings with Pronto MS.

Prevent fires and ensure the safety of customers and employees

Built-up grease is a fire hazard in an active kitchen. The danger is from its high flammability. When vaporized grease is sucked up through your kitchen hood, it leaves a residue not only on the hood but also within the connecting ductwork and exhaust fans. If it ignites, the fire can spread quickly through your kitchen, putting the lives of your employees and your customers in danger.

The best way to prevent a grease fire is to remove the grease. Pronto MS has the modern equipment and trained personnel you need to get your kitchen up to code. Let Pronto MS tackle tough grease residue for you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a fire-safe facility.

Improved air quality for a healthy and happy kitchen

There's other dangers to grease than fire. Grease build-up drastically decreases the air quality in your kitchen. It blocks ducts and slows down fans, making airflow sluggish and stagnant. That results in exhaust fans working overtime to clear out smoke and heat. You'll notice stronger odors, too, in a kitchen where the grease levels have been allowed to build. Employees who work in the kitchen regularly may find themselves getting sick more often.

With help from Pronto MS, you can experience first-hand the amazing difference a clean kitchen exhaust makes. Improved airflow means a cleaner experience overall, with smoke, odor and heat getting whisked away by swiftly moving fans unhindered by built-up grease. Keep your kitchen running smoothly and your kitchen workers happy with regular exhaust cleanings.

Regular maintenance saves money

Grease can have a big effect on your bottom line. The residue left by vaporized grease can find its way into nooks and crannies throughout your kitchen and exhaust system, gumming up motors and axles and reducing the lifespan of equipment. If a fan or another piece of exhaust equipment breaks, the repairs or replacement alone can be a big chunk of a business's expenses for the month, not to mention the downtime while you wait for the technician to fix the problem.

It can feel like such a waste to let perfectly good kitchen equipment fall victim to grease buildup before its time. That's why it's important to schedule regular kitchen exhaust cleanings. You'll save money on repairs and reduce time spent on installation when you keep your kitchen exhaust equipment protected with Pronto MS's cleaning service.

Schedule your kitchen exhaust cleaning with Pronto MS today

Pronto MS is happy to service busy kitchens throughout the Midwest. Whether you manage a restaurant, a hotel, a school or a hospital, we're ready to meet your unique needs with our comprehensive cleaning service designed to improve the operation of your kitchen. We'll tackle tough grease and grime and leave your hoods, duct work and exhaust fans clean and sparkling. Pass your upcoming inspection with flying colors when you schedule a cleaning with Pronto MS today.