Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Do you manage or own a restaurant or another type of establishment in the food industry? Does your business depend on keeping food fresh and chilled to exactly the right temperature? Pronto MS, a commercial refrigeration repair company in the Chicago, IL area, provides services to keep your refrigeration equipment running at peak performance levels, so you can chill out!

Our experienced technicians are available to size, select, install, maintain and repair all your refrigeration, freezer and cooler equipment — and keep your business up and running. We work on all types and brands of commercial refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration Replacements and Installs

Whether you need to replace your old equipment or add a new type of unit, you can trust us to do the job right. Our technicians have been trained to size, select and install the unit that best meets your specific requirements. And when your unit needs replacement, we take the time to resize the equipment instead of simply changing it out. Our goal is to provide you with equipment that provides the energy efficiency and performance you desire.

Refrigeration Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance helps to keep your refrigeration equipment running efficiently while extending its life. Contact Pronto MS to set up a routine maintenance schedule to optimize the operation your equipment. At some point, even with the best maintenance, your refrigeration equipment will require repair. If you notice troubling sights and sounds, or your equipment just doesn’t seem to be working the way it should, be sure to contact us for a repair before it breaks down completely.

Our Word Is Our Bond

Pronto MS promises quality service and customer satisfaction.

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