Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Pronto MS wants to protect your employees and patrons — as well as your business — by helping to prevent fires caused by a dirty kitchen exhaust system. That’s why we offer professional kitchen hood cleaning services to restaurants in the Chicago area.

The Problem

How does the commercial exhaust system work? During cooking, grease and smoke particles are drawn up into the system’s filters, which are located in the hood, up the main duct work to the roof line, into the exhaust fan and out onto the roof. Because the exhaust fan is on, it draws air into the hood, through the filters and into the ductwork. Greasy ducts can spread the fire all the way up the duct and onto the roof fan, which ignites and burns.

Without regular and thorough cleanings, grease vapors can accumulate in the exhaust system’s fan. Over time, the ductwork and fan blades become coated with grease buildup, not only creating a fire hazard, but also making the blades heavier, which requires the motor to use more energy to operate. Your energy bills and risk of fire increase as the life of your exhaust fan motor decreases.

The Solution

Committing to regular cleanings and maintenance not only helps prevent fires, but it also saves you money on energy and repair bills.

The Pronto MS staff is continually educated on updated cleaning techniques and equipment. All personnel are familiar with and understand the National Fire Protection Association Code 96 (NFPA) code and the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) Standards. These inspections are mandatory for a facility to remain in compliance.

Depending the volume or type of cooking done at your establishment, we recommend that inspection and cleaning be undertaken at various intervals: monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. These inspections are mandatory for a facility to remain in compliance. Let Pronto MS set up your hood cleaning schedule so you can begin to save energy, money and, in the most extreme cases, lives and your business.

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