Supportive Telecom Services

Supportive Telecom Services

The Pronto MS support team helps customers get Wi-Fi to work by improving connections to the Internet, providing the right hardware and ensuring the optimal placement of access points. If you’re having problems with your connections, let our experienced team take over. We can install, maintain, diagnose, fix and upgrade your equipment.

Are you moving your business? Do you need assistance in setting up your infrastructure systems? Are you adding or changing voice, data or and wireless communication equipment or services? Our professionals can handle that, too — on time and in budget!

All Types Of Move, Add And Communication Changes Services

We perform telecommunications work in the following areas:

  • Sourcing, Installing and upgrading Pronto or customer provided equipment for:
    • Wi-FI
    • Access Points (APs)
    • Internet or any other related electronic or passive connectivity equipment
  • All types of moves, adds or changes for P.O.S. equipment

Our Word Is Our Bond

Pronto MS promises quality service and customer satisfaction.

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