Ventilation Sanitizing Service

Due to the current state of our nation, ProntoMS is dedicated to assisting our customers with keeping your facility as sanitized as possible and to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We are offering a ventilation sanitizing service for all customers.

Scope of work:

Pronto MS will enter facilities during off hours to access the HVAC systems. We focus on your ventilation and evaporator coils. The steps we take are as follows:
  1. Clean out Return box and blower wheels
    1. Remove all debris and build up to expose bare metal
  2. Clean the Evaporator
    1. Power wash the evaporator coil to remove the debris
    2. Clean out the drain pan and lines
    3. Spray Evap- Fresh (Nu-Calgon) product
  3. Clean the supply and return vents
    1. Remove all debris and build up from the face of the vents
  4. Fog the ventilation
    1. Run our foggers using IMS III (NU-Calgon)

Product Information:

The pricing will vary based on the amount of HVAC systems per location. Please see below for product information. This service does not include full duct cleaning service; however, if a system is identified as requiring duct cleaning due to large amount of debris build up within the duct system a separate quote will be issued. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions moving forward.